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Amanda Barnes

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Why have I chosen Carnegie Mellon as my particular college? Why does the sun rise and set on particular times? The answers to both these questions are unbeknownst to me, something I can never truly know. However, I have a feeling. Do you understand that feeling that you get when you know, yet you can’t explain it. The feeling is so assuring to you, but yet unsettling to others. Many begin to think you have completely lost your mind, others say you’re wired on some kind of drug, but you have no doubt in your mind of the significance for that feeling. You are so intoxicated with the limitless ideas and possibilities equipped with this one feeling, this foreign idea that has invaded your reality, but yet is the only thing that seems logical. This drive that is pushing you out of your comfort zone beyond the limits set by others and into a new future awaiting arrival. That same feeling is the very reason why I have chosen Carnegie Mellon as my top choice for college. Understand there are so many other choices I had. I am still applying to Rochester Institute of Technology, Pratt, American University, and Howard University. Nevertheless, I have made a decision to strive for excellence beyond what I think excellence should be. My standard is to acclaim more knowledge than ever thought possible. Not because I have been instructed to, but because there is an opportunity given to me. There is so much out there that may seem scary at first, but I resolve that I can make the difference by becoming better than before. All of this I think is possible at Carnegie Mellon. Not just because of its world known status, or top notch education, but because of a feeling, this feeling, telling me to face the odds and go for something I love. However, don’t think that this resolve came so easily, it’s not as simple as it seems to make the decision to pursue your career in the arts. It is a very risky business. Nevertheless, I am applying to Carnegie Mellon in order to enroll in the School of Design. I have passion for art that is unlike no other. I see art in every aspect of my day from the bus’s bright yellow tan to my mom’s curly pattern beads. I can’t have enough of painting and designing. Creating an individual piece and then call it your own, an achievement beyond words. Art has been my rock foundation in many different situations: first heartbreak, first kiss, first love, family problems. My deepest darkest secrets have been poured into my art. Why, because no one else can truly understand how you feel unless you can fully express it yourself. I understand many colleges offer bachelors degrees in different forms of art. However, I want to master art, even to the point of being a doctor in art. To have the highest degree possible in art showing that I have learned everything in the books. Will give me the indignation that now I must go and teach myself everything they haven’t taught. I wish to become an art director. Nothing too famous or full of fortune, however instructing others to see like I do, instead of what’s in front of you but more on the possibilities that await you. I wish to become an illustrator. To help others see the many possibilities of interpretation. That one opinion doesn’t define how something should be identified. Why not you? Why can’t you? Why not now? Why not right now? Express what you want to say in your own personal way. Art is so universal it has no many sayings who can even try to keep up. Art is where my homes lie, where my true feelings are, where my homes and dreams lie. However, I need to grow more in art to fulfill this dream, and I believe that it can truly be achieved at Carnegie Mellon.…...

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