Mandatory Recycling

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Mandatory Recycling
“So easy a caveman can do it” is the motto attached to Geico car insurance ads, and now scientific evidence proves this motto is actually true of recycling. The roots of recycling can be traced all the way back to the prehistoric era of the caveman now. The Origins of Recycling conference revealed that they believe our ancestors from the Paleolithic Era practiced recycling. Research has been found that the earliest cavemen reused their tools over and over and transformed them into new objects. It says a great deal that even our early ancestors could see the value in recycling and reusing objects, that even over four hundred and twenty million years ago cavemen could see the benefits to mankind (Ross, 2013, p.1).
I want to prove that recycling should be adopted in a smart, efficient, cost-effective manner in both residential and commercial aspects of our city and all others. I will show from prehistoric times to today that recycling always has been and always will be beneficial to people, animals, and our planet. It is a given fact that our population is growing, resources are scarce, more animals are going extinct, and our planet is slowly dying. This is evident by the thinning ozone layer, deforestation, and greenhouse gases. If it’s not recycled, it gets burned or buried, neither of which is good for the environment. The EPA released a stunning statistic on greenhouse gases stating, “ In 2005, recycling was projected to avoid—through a combination of energy savings, forest carbon sequestration, and lower methane emissions—48 million metric tons of carbon emissions (MTCE), which is a standard measure of GHG emissions. This is the equivalent of taking 36 million cars off the road for one year” and that was in 2005 ( EPA, 2009, p. 1).
There are multiple benefits and advantages to recycling on any level. Recycling improves the economy by…...

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