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Mann Economic Management

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Hypothesis Tests


One-Tailed Test
Two-Tailed Test
Summary and Practical Advice










The Alternative Hypothesis as a
Research Hypothesis
The Null Hypothesis as an
Assumption to Be Challenged
Summary of Forms for Null and
Alternative Hypotheses




One-Tailed Test
Two-Tailed Test
Summary and Practical Advice
Relationship Between Interval
Estimation and Hypothesis


Statistics in Practice




John Morrell & Company, which began in England in
1827, is considered the oldest continuously operating meat manufacturer in the United States. It is a wholly owned and independently managed subsidiary of
Smithfield Foods, Smithfield, Virginia. John Morrell &
Company offers an extensive product line of processed meats and fresh pork to consumers under 13 regional brands including John Morrell, E-Z-Cut, Tobin’s First
Prize, Dinner Bell, Hunter, Kretschmar, Rath, Rodeo,
Shenson, Farmers Hickory Brand, Iowa Quality, and
Peyton’s. Each regional brand enjoys high brand recognition and loyalty among consumers.
Market research at Morrell provides management with up-to-date information on the company’s various products and how the products compare with competing brands of similar products. A recent study compared a
Beef Pot Roast made by Morrell to similar beef products from two major competitors. In the three-product comparison test, a sample of consumers was used to indicate how the products rated in…...

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