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Table of contents 1. | | Title | | 2. | | Introduction | | 3. | | Namkeen market | | | 3.1. | Key players/ Brands | | | 3.2. | Market share | | | 3.3. | Sub category/ variety | | 4. | | Price, SKU & Packaging | | 5. | | Concept of Namkeen market | | | 5.1. | Market size | | | 5.2. | Market type | | | 5.3. | Market segment | | 6. | | Positioning | | 7. | | Trends | | 8. | | Campaign | | 9. | | References | |

TITLE To study Namkeen market in India


The country of India is the 2nd largest food producer in the world. With a continuous and rapid growth, this industry is most likely to double itself in the coming 10 years. From time to time, the country involves different kinds of new technologies related to food processing, which are updated on regular intervals as well so as to meet the modern requirement of the citizens of India. Starting from vegetarian to non-vegetarian food, milk to milk products, junk to health food,Namkeen, soft drinks to alcoholic beverages, the country manufactures all kinds of food products. Some of the most prominent sub-divisions of Indian food industry are soft drink bottling, fishing, confectionery manufacturing, aqua-culture, poultry and meat processing, grain-milling, alcoholic beverages, fast-food manufacturing, ready-to-eat cereals processing etc.

Initially Namkeen in India was usually made at home but with the increasing number of companies coming up with cheap and good quality salted snacks the home made namkeens were replaced by packaged ones available in markets and shops. Since Namkeens form an integral part of the evening snacks of Indians they are constitute an important part of the Indian packaged food market. India is home to numerous top namkeen brands like Kurkure, cheese balls and Bhujia. |
Namkeen or salted…...

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