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1. Select a Pakistani branded product not necessarily locally manufactured. Identify the company that produces it.
I have selected Ufone as the branded product for this assignment. Ufone GSM is an Etisalat Group Company with its presence in all the major cities with a comprehensive coverage across Pakistan.
2. Describe the company and the marketing strategy for the brand.
Ufone’s mission statement is: To be the best cellular option for U. Since its inception, Ufone is strongly customer-focused and heavily committed to marketing. It has a passion for understanding and satisfying customer needs in well-defined target markets. The customer focus and best offering has allowed Ufone to build a subscriber base of over 20 million in less than a decade. It empowers customers with the most relevant communication modes and services that enable them to do a lot more than just talk, at a price that suits them the most.
Market Segmentation: Cellular service market includes a broad diverse range of people. Ufone divides its market based on four aspects. (1) Age; this includes teenagers, youngsters, middle aged and aged people. (2) Gender; male and female. (3) Economy; lower class, socio-economic class, middle class and upper class. (4) Occupation; working class, business class, corporate class etc. These segments consist of consumers who are expected to respond in a similar way to a given set of marketing efforts.
Market Targeting: Ufone evaluates each segment’s attractiveness and it targets those in which it can profitably generate the greatest customer value and sustain it over time. Ufone has mainly been targeting the youth market by using young brand endorsers and ambassadors. It comes up with packages and offers which particularly meet the needs of the youth. However, it wants to target masses in the long run and keeping this purpose…...

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