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Marketing Communication Strategies and Applications in the Nutraceutical Industry in Uae

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Spring 2015

Marketing communication strategies and applications in the nutraceutical industry in UAE

Nadia B. Azzam
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May 31, 2015

Table of Contents

Introduction .......................................................................................................................... 3


Literature review .................................................................................................................. 3


Application of Promotional strategies in Nutraceutical Dr. Nutrition Centre, UAE ........... 7


Conclusion ......................................................................................................................... 10


References .......................................................................................................................... 12




In today’s society, consumers are bombarded with a massive number of promotional messages delivered to them through different mediums and from different organizations. Whether at home watching TV, listening to Radio, walking in the mall or driving through the city, consumers get exposed to those messages which they process through different channels, and eventually create behavioral responses. However, due to the competitiveness in the market, many businesses face difficulties in delivering their messages to their target audience. A problem with promotional messages is that they can easily fall into the trap of becoming simply noise. They crowd the market place, make things confusing to the customer, which creates a marketing problem and defies the whole purpose of the marketing message.
This paper focuses on the effective…...

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