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FruitLift’s Marketing Plan

Picture of various fruits
Picture of various fruits

Yesenia Haro, Gabi Radanava, Dylan Nein
Marketing 230 Section 1
Introduction to Marketing
Professor Gary L. Hunter
April 15, 2012
Illinois State University
Executive Summary
The following report analyzes the product FruitLift that we created for this project. The purpose of this project is to determine what factors influence successful marketing. We also determine if marketing successfully in one environment means can be translated into success in another environment. We will first introduce the product. Following that we will describe the situation analysis of FruitLift: we will describe the internal and external environments of FruitLift. We also explain different strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of FruitLift.
Next we will describe the marketing plan of FruitLift. To do this we will begin with the target market and why we choose that market. Following that we will describe the product strategy and promotional strategy. At the end of this section we will describe the supply chain of FruitLift. The marketing plan is supplemented by what we have learned in class and from the textbook throughout the semester.
Many college students spend their nights studying for a test as well as finding a way to keep themselves awake. Keeping yourself awake while studying can be quite challenging. However, there is always a solution for a simple problem. From now on, college students will only have to worry about studying since we have created the most outrageous healthy energy drink that will promise you to keep you awake for as long as you need to. FruitLift is the perfect choice for those that choose to have a healthy way of living while they maintain themselves energized to do any type of work. The purpose of this healthy energy drink is to provide a tasty-low…...

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