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In the era of globalization, a major global change has occurred and the world has become so competitive that companies of all over the world are trying to get over one another by being distinctive in their field. New product development process is the leverage which eases a company to do so. Consumers are now looking for new innovative products and so they demand to find a way to develop this product more quickly and effectively.
Here we are discussing this new product development process according to our company’s view in launching our new product which is ‘Solar Backpack.’

About our company:

Our company is renowned for supplying green products with higher quality, style and reliability. The company established in 1998 in London and since we have been continuing our service with and great reputation. In several years we achieved the market leadership in supplying green product to the major UK retailer. Now we have our own outlet established in 2006 in London. Soon, we are going to open more outlets all over UK and our aim is to provide our service in international basis.

About our product:
The Solar backpack is the first product in backpack line which has an integrated solar charging system retaining all the qualities of a usual backpack. It has more features comparing with a usual backpack as it a smart, effective solar charging module, multiple pockets for electronic devices, adapters and sometimes with removable battery pack for extra power generation.

Name of the brand:

Eco solar backpack

Product Features:

Solar Module providing up to 2.5 Watts of power
Single 12V charging outlet
Padded waistbelt
Water bottle pockets
Mesh ventilated, padded backpanel
Contoured and padded shoulder straps
Reflective features for night time visibility
Accessory pockets
Organizer pockets

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