Marketing Strategy of Bodum Design Group - December 13th, 2010

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Marketing Strategy of Bodum Design Group - December 13th, 2010

Bodum Design Group AG

Private Company
Incorporated: 1944
Employees: 500
Sales: CHF 200 million (2001 est.)
NAIC: 335211 Electric Housewares and Household Fan Manufacturing; 332214 Kitchen Utensil, Pot, and Pan Manufacturing; 327215 Glass Product Manufacturing Made of Purchased Glass; 327212 Other Pressed and Blown Glass and Glassware Manufacturing

Company Perspectives:
"For more than two decades Bodum has aimed to produce articles that are designed and manufactured to the highest level of functionality and quality, making top design available to everyone throughout the world, thanks to affordable prices. Simplicity and functionality are the basic requirements for a Bodum design. Out of this basic concept grows a shape with a unique and simple beauty. Beauty--a quality that is eminently satisfying to our senses and intellect and that enhances our daily life. Often it is the small, scarcely noticed objects that display optimum functionality and design, simply because they were created from pure necessity. The Bodum design team hopes you will enjoy the fruits of our efforts." --[ol0]Carsten Jorgensen, Director of Design

Key Dates:
1944: Peter Bodum founds company to import glassware from Eastern Europe to Denmark.
1955: Bodum launches its first coffee maker design, Mocca, based on vacuum-type makers invented by Robert Napier in 1840.
1958: Bodum and architect Kaas Klaeson develop an improved vacuum coffee maker, the Santos, which becomes the company's first strong-selling product.
1960s:Bodum launches variations on the Santos.
1974: Son Jorgen Bodum takes over company and with designer Carsten Jorgensen introduces the French-press coffee maker Bistro.
1979: Bodum moves headquarters and manufacturing facilities to Lucerne, Switzerland.
1981: The company launches…...

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