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promotion - personal selling
Personal selling can be defined as follows:
Personal selling is oral communication with potential buyers of a product with the intention of making a sale. The personal selling may focus initially on developing a relationship with the potential buyer, but will always ultimately end with an attempt to "close the sale"
Personal selling is one of the oldest forms of promotion. It involves the use of a sales force to support a push strategy (encouraging intermediaries to buy the product) or a pull strategy (where the role of the sales force may be limited to supporting retailers and providing after-sales service).
What are the main roles of the sales force?
Kotler describes six main activities of a sales force:

(1) Prospecting - trying to find new customers
(2) Communicating - with existing and potential customers about the product range
(3) Selling - contact with the customer, answering questions and trying to close the sale
(4) Servicing - providing support and service to the customer in the period up to delivery and also post-sale
(5) Information gathering - obtaining information about the market to feedback into the marketing planning process
(6) Allocating - in times of product shortage, the sales force may have the power to decide how available stocks are allocated

What are the advantages of using personal selling as a means of promotion?
• Personal selling is a face-to-face activity; customers therefore obtain a relatively high degree of personal attention
• The sales message can be customised to meet the needs of the customer
• The two-way nature of the sales process allows the sales team to respond directly and promptly to customer questions and concerns
• Personal selling is a good way of getting across large amounts of technical or other complex product information
• The face-to-face sales meeting gives the sales…...

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