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Contents SARAWAK INFORMATION SYSTEMS SDN BHD (SAINS) 1 CHAPTER ONE 4 1. INTRODUCTION 4 1.1. Mission, Vision and Core Values of SAINS 4 1.2. Core Competencies 5 2. CHAPTER TWO 6 2.1. SAINS Environmental Analysis 6 2.2. SAINS Key Drivers of Change 8 2.3. SAINS Value Chain 8 2.3: 5 M’s of Marketing 11 2.4. Porters 5 Forces of SAINS 12 2.5. Internal analysis and External analysis 13 2.6. Applying Direct Policy Matrix 16 2.7. Potential Strategic Challenge/Issues 17 2.8. SAINS Marketing Objectives 19 3. CHAPTER THREE 22 3.1. ANSOFF MATRIX 22 Market Penetration 22 Market Development 23 3.2. SAINS Marketing Mix 24 Product / service 24 Promotion 24 Price 25 Place 26 People 26 BUDGET AND FINANCIAL FORECAST FOR NEXT 3 YEARS 28 CHAPTER FOUR 33 4. RECOMMENDATION 33 Value 33 Rarity 33 Imitable 33 Organizational Knowledge 33 5. CONCLUSION 34

Sarawak Information Systems SDN BHD (SAINS) is a leading ICT System Integrator and Solution Provider in the state of Sarawak, Malaysia. It has effectively enlarged and intensified the utilization of ICT resulting in IT growth among state government agencies in Sarawak since the mid 1980’s. In the mid 1980’s, the use of IT among state government agencies in Sarawak started to grow. Shortly thereafter, in 1991 SAINS was formed and was given the task of leading the development and implementation of IT within Sarawak.
Today, SAINS reliability, innovatively and cost effectiveness has made it become one of the most highly regarded integrated information and communication technology service providers in Malaysia.
SAINS Integrated Court Solution (ICS) won the United Nations’ World Summit Award in 2009 as one of the World’s Best e-Content Application products in the E-Government and…...

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