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Marketing Communications | Syndicate assignment

Case 1
Prius Launch: Harmony Installations
2011 Bronze | Media Innovation

Case 2
Canon Eos Cameras: Photography beyond the still
2011 Silver | Consumer Electronics

Case 3
Southwest Airlines: Grab your bag it’s on/ Bags fly free
2011 Gold | Transportation

Case 4
Ocean Spray Cranberries: Straight from the Bog
2008 Gold | Renaissance
2011 Silver | Sustained Success

Case 5
Sears: Don’t just go back. Arrive
2010 Gold | Retail¬

Case 1
Prius Launch: Harmony Installations
2011 Bronze | Media Innovation

GET: Echo/Tech friendly minded people
WHO: Are environmentally and technologically aware and enjoy innovation.
TO: Think Prius is the car they should buy versus the car they want to own. See Prius as an Icon of progress. Encourage consumers to put a Prius in the mainstream consideration set.
BY: Outlining that hybrid motoring is good for the environment, endorsing the idea of being proud to own a Prius.
LIKE THIS: By highlighting the “harmony between man, nature and machine”. Happiness, Optimism, Pride, Imagination
SUCCESS: Desired 20% increase in sales of Prius. Increase hybrid vehicle market share. Engage social media metrics. $4.5m in earned media desired through Solar flower installations/social media.

Market/Commercial insight
The reported market decline in the Automotive Industry for passenger cars has declined by 37% in FY2011. Financial modelling of passenger vehicle purchase history by Toyota identified that purchases of the Prius model is are correlated with fuel prices, which on an aggregate have been declining in the United States. This has been a problem for Toyota in launching the new model - (see Chart below). Consumer insight
Toyota’s Prius is an economic car appealing primarily to echo-conscientious consumers. Their insight came…...

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Psycology be herself ever again she is accentually dead, as the Melissa you know died the minute her Cortex was damaged and her neurons stopped producing electrical currents. This patient is only breathing and her heart beating because the reptilian part of the base of the brain is still sending out life supporting neurons to keep these basic functions going. This is not to be mistaken for a coma,if she was lucky enough to endure this kind of brain damage, she may be able to stay alive and regain some of her traits that make up who Melissa is. There are no guarantees that if Melissa did fall into a coma that she will wake up and be functioning again. A coma is a prolonged state of unconsciousness. During a coma, a person is unresponsive to his or her environment. The person is alive and looks like he or she is sleeping. However, unlike in a deep sleep, the person cannot be awakened by any stimulation, including pain.The prognosis for a coma varies with each situation. The chances of a person's recovery depend on the cause of the coma, whether the problem can be corrected, and the duration of the coma. If the problem can be resolved, the person can often return to his or her original level of functioning. Sometimes, though, if the brain damage is severe, a person may be permanently disabled or never regain consciousness....

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...and without all the blood and gore that most horror films rely on these days. INSIDIOUS is a film about a family who moves into a new home and begins to experience some very strange phenomenon, such as items being moved from one place to another without any explanation. The setting is an old creepy house; with an attic full of items from the past, and which seems to draw people in; first the mother, then the son. The son Dalton ends up falling off of a ladder while playing in the attic. He seems to receive only a minor bump from the fall, but during the night while asleep in his bed, he mysteriously drifts off into a coma and is unresponsive when his parent try to wake him for school. He is then rushed to the hospital emergency room where his condition baffles doctors. They cannot understand why there is no brain damage which is usually accompanied with a coma, but they have no idea what else to call it. He is ultimately sent home to be cared for by his mother with the help of a part-time nurse. It is during this time that the paranormal activity really kicks off in the story. Most of the paranormal occurrences seem to take place during the day while the mother is home alone, leaving her to fend for herself. With some difficulty, she is finally able to convince her husband to move the family to another home. They are very surprised to find that they have not escaped the haunting at all, for it has followed to the new house. They finally call in a psychic who deals with the......

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