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The Union Demand for Recognition and Bargaining Rights
I. – Evaluation of Claims Made By the Union Before entering in the matter of analysing the claims made by the union will precede to define "a labor union as an organization of employees formed to advance, through collective action, its members interests with regard to wages and working conditions"(Ivancevich, 2010,p.497). Therefore, companies should have unions to protect employee’s rights and create corporate environments in which employees are treated fairly by employers. “Labor unions continue to provide a number of important benefits to workers across the country (Conrad, 2012). The current scenario presents claims made by the union in which the union filed claims against the company for employers’ constant interrogations to employees about the union activities. Employees received threats that the company will deprive them of benefits if electing the union. There was an additional claim made by the union in which the union states that the employees were threatening for not disclosing the names of other employees attending the union meetings. The union also considers that the company had no right informing the employees about knowing of the operations of joining a union. Also, the union claim that the company tried to dissuade employees from joining the union by offering to pay them certain medical benefits. Such offerings and questioning was perceived by the union as acts intended to discourage employees from joining the union. The union considers that the company should found in violation of the act, and should stop and desist of such practices. The union is also asking that the corporation acknowledges the presence and the bargaining power of the union. The organization must stop using interfering practices that are prohibiting the union from fulfilling its role. The union of the company filed…...

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...Unit 4 Assignment – Question 1 The first question in unit 4’s assignment is how am I as the marketing director going to use dissimilar trademark elements that will assist me in making a difference Arimount trade name from rival trade name. Trade name rudiments can be definite as the strategy with the purpose of helping in making out and distinguishing a trade name from the competitors in the industry. Arimount’s intended manufactured goods with extended long-term heady scent (five uninterrupted days still subsequent taking a shower) creates its distinct trade name because it will be an prominent invention in the marketplace. During this strategy to make a distinction between Arimount commencing additional viable trade names subsequent trade name rudiments (in addition to the trademark) have to be careful symbol, tagline, wrapping and commercial pictures, web site address and in conclusion people connected by way of the merchandise. Emblems can be explanation distinguish that facilitates recognize a trademark as of the others. Hence a symbol is exceedingly critical for Arimount, and ought to indicate its manufactured goods characteristic sort of like the swoosh from Nike. Tagline facilitate in abbreviation the worth proposal. It sums up and bestows to the client a obvious thought about the manufactured goods and the products payback. Thus Texas Deluxe’s tagline be supposed to obviously emphasize its finest characteristics such as i.e. extended long-term feat. Wrapping......

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