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Listening to Carlos Rodriguez, the President and CEO of ADP was very informative as well as entertaining. I was really impressed and surprised about his personality because when I think of a CEO I picture a strict serious individual who is probably one of the smartest persons thus the reason he has obtained the position as a CEO. However this was not the case as Mr. Rodriguez himself stated “I am not here because I am the smartest person, but because I have worked hard” a statement of this magnitude inspires me and should inspire everyone to believe in themselves to reach important goals throughout life. Equally important, when he talked about ADP’s business structure it reminded me to topics topics we have covered in class such as recognizing risk, strategy, and identifying opportunities for growth. I discovered that what makes ADP successful and generates profits is its Recurring Revenue Model because clients spend many years doing business with ADP and each year the company does not start off at 0 in terms of revenue instead it knows it will have a figure in which to build on. It was important to note how Mr. Rodriguez acknowledged changes in value proposition as well as in technology has caused ADP to adjustment in order to compete with advances made by its closest competitors. This is important because they are a company that constantly is looking to improve and has a management team that is aware of changes around them giving them great position to make changes well in advance. ADP is a company that competes in other markets as well and even though it might have competition in one area from say example Hewitt, it is also involved in others markets where they won’t see Hewitt as a competitor but will see other companies competing with them. The corporate strategy of ADP has been strongly built and management has implemented a strategy where they can compete in…...

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