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Mccg 2000

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M a l a y s i a n

C o d e

o n

March 2000


M a l a y s i a n

C o d e

o n

March 2000

Securities Commission
No 3. Persiaran Bukit Kiara
Bukit Kiara
50490 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 603-654 8000 Fax: 603-651 1818
Homepage: Http://
@Finance Committee on Corporate Governance
March 2000
Perpustakaan Negara Malaysia Cataloguing-in-Publication Data
The Malaysian code on corporate governance/Finance Committee on Corporate Governance.
ISBN 983-9386-23-9
1. Corporate governance-- Law and legislation-- Malaysia
2. Corporation law--Malaysia
3. Stockholders--Legal status, laws etc.--Malaysia
4. Insider trading in securities--Law and legislations--Malaysia.
I. Malaysia. Suruhanjaya Sekuriti, Jawatankuasa Kewangan Tadbir Urus Koprat.

















The Code essentially aims to set out principles and best practices on structures and processes that companies may use in their operations towards achieving the optimal governance framework. These structures and processes exist at a micro-level which include issues such as the composition of the board, procedures for recruiting new directors, remuneration of directors, the use of board committees, their mandates and their activities.


The significance of the Code is that it allows for a more constructive and flexible response to raise standards in corporate…...

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