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Medical Remedies from 1860

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During the 1830’s medical remedies that were advertised to the public were not proven to be effective in eliminating diseases. Many medical remedies were mainly advertised in hopes to make money off of the American citizens who were in need of cures and had faith in doctors. The advertisement of a medical remedy by a person living in antebellum America was not based on proof of solid scientific evidence but instead on the faith of people who put their trust into the country’s media outlets as well as trust in Doctors and their new creation of these medical remedies.

In the Saratoga Sentinel Newspaper of 1830, numerous "medical cures” are advertised to cure multiple symptoms of many diseases and sicknesses. Included in these advertisements is what is considered to be solid evidence of the product’s effectiveness. The proof that a product works is provided by doctors who claim so as well testimonies from people recommending the product after supposedly using it. The vague description of the products as well as the lack of scientific proof for the reliability of these “cures” reveal that the real faith in the effectiveness in them stem from the trust in doctors and in the local newspapers.

In the advertisement labeled the “Cure for Bowel Complaints” the advertisers claim to have the “remedy” for “most diseases of the stomach and bowel”. [1] In order to prove that this remedy is effective, the advertisers provide a statement from a person known as “Dr. M.L KNAPP”1 who argues that the best proof is that the product is “called again and again” 1 by families who are introduced to it. It can be argued about whether or not an actual doctor said these words since there is also no solid proof that this person is an actual doctor besides the title “Dr.” that is placed in front of a name. If this product was purchased, it is evident that purchase was conducted under the…...

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