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Michael Poters Frame Work

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BUS 5021 Strategic Business Management.


TABLE OF CONTENTS 1.0. INTRODUCTION. 1 1.1. The Mobile phone Industry of Tanzania 1 2.0 .PORTER’S FIVE FORCES FRAMEWORK MODEL, PFFF 1 2.1. Degree of rivalry among existing firms. 2 2.2. Threat of substitute Products or Service. 3 2.3. Threats of new entrants 4 2.4 Bargaining power of buyers/Customers. 5 2.5. Bargaining power of Suppliers 5 2.6. Mapping the Porter’s Five Forces Model in the Mobile Industry in TANZANIA. 5 3.0. CONCLUSION. 7 4.0.REFERENCE 8


The Mobile Phone industry of Tanzania has been growing very slowly in terms of the number of firms in the industry during the last two decades. The growth rate in terms of the number of customers has been very fast. Number of things ishappening within the industry after its liberalization. The aspect of competition is now crucial for the operators who are within the Mobile Phone industry. Porter’s Five Forces Framework is one of the strategic models used to assess the attractiveness of the industry (being service or manufacturing). This model is defined by the five key forces which are; Rivalry among the existing firms, Threat of new entrants,Threat of substitutes, Bargaining power of suppliers and bargaining power of customers.
The mobile phone industry of Tanzania has 7 mobile phone operators, and two (2) substitute service provider.Bargaining Power of Suppliers, threat of new…...

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