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Mining in Palawan and its impacts to biodiversity and local communities

• The country has 3% old growth forest left, and much of this is in Palawan. We cannot let this go. Mining and logging go together because you cannot mine without cutting trees.
• Palawan has 17 Key Biodiversity Sites; 7 protected areas; 2 World Heritage sites. Yet most of mining applications in Palawan overlap key biodiverstiy sites. We need to remember that reforestation does not not restore lost biodiversity.
• There are many laws designed to protect Palawan, including its declaration as a UNESCO Man and Biosphere Reserve; Mangrove Reserve and Wildlife Reserve. Three-fourths of Palawan has been declared protected. The Palawan SEP law states that there should be no mining in natural forests. Mining in Palawan is a gross violation of these laws.
• The stand of miners that there can be mining in the southern part of Palawan while leaving the Northern Part for tourism is foolish to say the least. The southern part is equally rich in diversity. It is archaic thinking to believe that one can mine one part of the island without affecting the other.
• Palawan is very narrow, and the topography is steep. Any mining, being large or small scale, is a risk to the farmlands and fishing resources. Cutting down forests in the mountain causes erosion that kills coral reefs, and mine tailings spill into farmlands.
• Citinickel is currently mining in Narra - the rice granary of Palawan - severely affecting farmers and fishermen, including those from indigenous communities that depend on the forests in the area. This must be stopped immediately if the law stating a commitment to the welfare of communities is to be followed.
• Fifty percent 50% of the fish supply in Metro Manila comes from Palawan. But laterite tailings from open-pit mines spill into rivers and the ocean, where the chemicals…...

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