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Q4. While David Bosch sees New Testament as missionary documents, he doesn’t however, seems to consider OT as essentially missionary document. Give an account on what David Bosch means by that assertion.
In particular, mission rooted in biblical foundation. There were no Old Testament people of God without a mission. The mission and the message of the Old Testament people, even though both issues can be separated, belong firmly together. The mission includes the proclamation of the message of God. Some scholars argued that in the Old Testament there is no specific call to evangelize the world. There is no commission in the Old Testament (in contrast to the New Testament) to go and evangelize the world.
David J. Bosch stated that the New Testament as a missionary document, but he did not neglect the Old Testament. Depicting this idea that without the Old Testament there is no the New Testament document of mission. Bosch hints at an Old Testament notion of mission when he refers to the action of God in history. This activity is seen in history. The most obvious missionary activity is recorded in the Book of Jonah. This prophet was not willing to go and fulfill God’s commission. At the end, he wondered what was wrong with God when He saved the cruel Ninevites. Jonah saw the salvation of Ninevites as evil, and he refused to agree with God’s compassion (Jonah 3:10; 4:1). In a dramatic way, God taught His prophet about the universality of God’s salvation (4:6-11). The Lord demonstrated His unselfish love for all, even for the enemies of His people. We, traditionally, understand mission as sending to proclaim the gospel to distant place. In Old Testament there is no evident sending mission, however God himself participates in doing mission. In Old Testament missionary, theological speaking, it is God himself who involves in the history of Israel, the promises of Israel…...

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