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• One of the primary functions of CRM is the sales force automation (SFA) system. What is SFA's purpose? o To track all the steps in the sales process
• Data warehouses exist to support o OLAP
• What does it mean for a data warehouse to be multidimensional. o The files stored in a warehouse contain several layers of columns and rows.
• A bank in trying to decide the interest rate to offer on a CD, checks a Web source what rates other banks are offering. This information is considered as: o External
• Information exhibits high quality only if: o It is pertinent, relevant, and useful to you.
• Data refers to o Raw facts that describe a particular phenomenon.
• Which type of transportation uses multiple channels to transport products from the manufacturing location to the customer destination? o Inter-modal
• SQL is o A standardized fourth generation language found in most DBMSs.
• Which data administration facility allows you to control who has access to what information and what type of access those people have? o Security management facilities
• Organizations choose and deploy ERP systems for many different benefits and reasons. Which of the following is a way that firms use to calculate such benefits? o Through calculation of ROI, weighted against the benefits expected
• Most large manufacturing companies use _____ processes, which ensure that the right parts are available as products in process move down the assembly line. o Just-in-time manufacturing
• A supply chain management (SCM) system is an IT system that supports supply chain management activities by: o Automating the tracking of inventory and information among business processes and across companies.
• Which of the following supply chain activities keeps the cost of transporting materials as low as possible consistent with safe and reliable delivery? o Logistics
• Which…...

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