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Mkt201 Week 7

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Loyalty in Companies

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Date Loyalty in Companies Woolworth is among the most recognized high end clothing brand serving the global market. I and many people I know are loyal to Woolworth clothing collections. The loyalty is based on the high quality of the products offered by the corporation, affordable prices, and the incredible customer care service. Many would agree that building community and loyalty successfully requires trust, which is the hugest factor. From the psychology and marketing perspectives, there are different methods that companies can use to build confidence (Lucas, 2009).The first method is through their dedication to producing high-quality products that meet the specific needs of the consumers, ensuring memorable experiences, and seeking the insights of the users. Consistency in the services offered is another vital aspect since a slight change might make the consumers lose their loyalty (Lucas, 2009). Some ethical obligations and issues come with trust after its establishment. First, the company can even fail other consumers in a bid to meet the requirements of the customers whose trust has already been established. A company also has an ethical obligation to do its best so as to be consistent with the services and products offered. At least, consumers should trust some companies (Rylatt, 2003). Only those firms that are authentic, ethical, and dedicated ought to be believed since, at the end of the day, consumers will need to have their various needs and demands satisfied. Therefore, their trust will be necessary for them to feel satisfied with the products or services received from particular companies. Some consumers are more prone to being loyal to companies than others. Thus, this is dependent on the first experience the individual consumers received from the business…...

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