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Business Name: ANIMOISM

Address: Unit 2109 EGI Taft Tower, Taft Ave., Malate Manila

Product Line: T-shirts, tank tops, jackets, bags, accessories.

General Product Description: (not sure about this. May be revised)


T-Shirt Clothing P390.00 Imported (jersey) cotton, print screen
Tank Tops Clothing P350.00 Imported (jersey) cotton, print screen
Tote Bag Accessories P450.00 Canvas, Digital printing
Necklace Accessories P300.00 Metal, Forged
Jacket Clothing P1095.00 Imported (French terry) cotton, PS

Size: Our sizes are based on Asian sizes. Which are generally smaller than those of US brands. Meaning they fit better ensuring that you’ll look better. Sizes range from XS-XL. We also produce larger sizes upon request. Features: Big bold statements, which emphasize school spirit, specifically of the La Salle system. Also, the shirts are made of quality garments and are made to last. All our t-shirts have a button Colors: We use neutral colors (which are very popular nowadays) such as black and grey for the colors of the shirt along with the school colors of green and white. The print is usually guided on white, black and green – depending on the color of the shirt.

Mision Statement:

Offering top of the line, stylish, casual, school-oriented clothing that boosts Lasallian drive at the same time arousing school spirit and inspiring unity. Reinforcing positive motivation with big bold statements printed unto the shirts that shout out support for the school and the Lasallian community. At the same time upholding the Lasallian values with the right use of expression without discriminating other schools. As well as further encouraging loyalty for one’s Alma Mater in a very hip fashion, and at the same time demonstrating an impression of ingenuity with the statements we want to express.…...

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