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Dear Robin,
I have meticulously scrutinized your dilemma and have developed some discrete strategies to pursuit your victory. Let us first audit and compare your current position with that of the Sherriff. Beginning with the Sheriff, your opponent is growing stronger and accumulating more money by the day. Furthermore Will Scarlett asserts that his men are growing vastly in numbers and are expecting to expeditiously planning an assault. You and your administration, on the other hand, are experiencing a stringency of resources and revenues. The growing band of your army is creating maintenance complications and exceeding the food capacity of the forest. Luckily I have advised an option of two strategies to help ameliorate your position and ultimately overcome the Sherriff.
My grandfather once cited: “An enemy of an enemy is a friend.” Having been a very atrocious regiment, the Sheriff and his allies are likely to possess opponents who seek vengeance and justice. You must promptly seek to external forces, and form alliances with bands that possess a mutual interest of usurping the Sheriff. According to my knowledge, your opponent maintains warm ties with Prince John, who is unsurprisingly malicious like the Sheriff. Despite a powerful foe at court he is quite unpopular among the Barons, who demand their previous leader, King Richard, back in throne. King Richard has been wrongly imprisoned in Austria and the Barons are in pursuit of rescuing their king. Your option is to ally with the Barons and help them pursue their king. Consequently both, you and the king, would conjoin armies and deliver a “moral blow” to the fortress. This merger will dramatically strengthen your military position and fill up necessary resources. The Barons will contribute the financials to maintain your army and will help pay for the rising costs of food. There are, of course,…...

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