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Financial Management Pudong Cohort Assingment #1

Moolani Foundation

Moolani Foundation
1. Are the environmental conditions in Kenya, India, and South Africa conducive to starting the foundation? Which of the countries would provide the best long-term opportunities for the Moolani Foundation? Of the three countries shown below Kenya does not fall under a desirable condition for the moolani foundation. The unemployment rate is substantially higher than that found in India and South Africa. India has the best economy for Moolani’s startup keeping sustainability in mind. India’s frowing GDP and relatively low unemployment proves India to be a safer long term environment.

GDP Growth Kenya India South Africa 2.2% 6.2% 3.5% Country Sustainability

Unemployment 40% 9% 26%


GDP Growth



9% 3.50% South Africa




Prepare cash budgets from September 1, 2007, to August 31, 2008, for the internships in South Africa, India and Kenya. The below tables show the budgets for the internships in each country. These numbers do not include $3,710 for front end startup and administrative costs. These costs also do not include any compensation for any staff other than the 2 interns.

South Africa

Frequency Year 1* Roundtrip ticket Each time $3,550.00 Travel and Entertainment Month $2,000.00 Food Month $1,200.00 Misc. Month $1,500.00 Rent Month $1,800.00

Totals $10,050.00 * Based on 2 Interns, 2 Months, ** Based on 4 Interns over 2 Months

Amount $1,775.00





Year 2** $7,100.00


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