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I am eager to pursue a career in which I am able to help and care for people, becoming a nurse would allow me to fulfil this ambition. Nursing is a career for dedicated, reliable, trusting people who are able to develop relationships with patients quickly. I have these skills and I genuinely want to make a difference to people, to assist them and their families through difficult times when they are at their most vulnerable. Becoming a nurse is something that will change my life – one that I thought might not happen due to a number of tragic situations that have made this journey quite a bit longer than I had originally intended.
My experience in the field of medicine have started in high school age ,when i was accompanying my mother in a care facility for the elderly. The professionalism and caring nature of the nurses towards the patients, and the way they worked as part of a care team really inspired me. I enjoyed helping the nurses caring for the elderly patients ang chatting with the staff. I enjoyed assisting the residents with their activities and believe that I have the ability, empathy and potential to become a very good nurse.
This determined me to start my medical education in State Medical University in 2005 in Minsk, Belarus

.During my three years study I gained valuable knowledge of clinical diseases,human anatomy,physiology,pathology,surgergical diseases,therapy and many others,as well asI gained a valuable understanding of the workings of the surgery, with opportunities to observe and speak to the doctors regarding a medical career.Through this experience, I was able to view different types of cardiovascular,pulmonary surgery and was allowed to accompany doctors on ward rounds and encouraged to talk to patients. I found this to be extremely valuable because, in talking to the patients, the importance of good communication was reinforced and…...

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