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Motivational Interviewing the Nurse’s Role in Helping Motivation for Change in Client with Alcohol Dependence

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This work will discuss about motivational interviewing (MI) the nurse’s role in helping motivation for change in client with alcohol dependence. For clarity purpose, key terms like MI and alcohol dependence shall be defined. The evidence of effectiveness of MI as a psychosocial intervention for alcohol dependence and policies underpinning the use as well as the strengths and weaknesses and ethical issues. This work will evaluate nurse’s role in providing care and treatment including health education and promotion by helping patients/client’s motivation for change. Through reflection on practise, the writer’s clinical placement practise experiences of working with alcohol dependent clients in the community shall be use for illustration. Name and place will not be mentioned due to patient’s confidentiality (NMC, 2008). In conclusion, recommendations will be made to improve practice.
The aim of this work is to critically evaluate the effectiveness of MI as a psychosocial intervention in alcohol dependence. The rational and motivation for choosing to explore this topic is because of a particular interest in substance misuse nursing and experiences from using MI in the care and treatment of alcohol dependent clients.
Alcohol dependence represents a major burden to the National Health Service (NHS) and the wider health and social care systems (alcohol concern, 2009, Cabinet Office, 2003). The Department of Health (2004) estimates that nationally, six percent of men and two percent of women can be classified as alcohol dependent. It is estimated that between 15,000 and 22,000 deaths occur each year resulting from alcohol related illness like stroke, cancer, liver disease (Cirrhosis or Hepatitis) and accidental injury or suicide (RCP, 2001).
The World Health Organisation (2001) defined alcohol dependent individuals as those exhibiting a range of…...

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