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Movie Analysis - Rocket Singh: Salesman of the Year

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Movie Analysis: Rocket Singh
Name of the movie: ROCKET SINGH: Salesman of the year,
Language: Hindi ( English subtitles),
Director: Shimit Amin,
Writer: Jaideep Sahni.
Analysis perspective: Business growth, Service Marketing and Sales growth perspective.

Question No 1: Indentify the core service philosophies of the companines AYS and Rocket sales corporation.

Answer: Rocket Sales Corporation’s core service values:

1. Never tell lie to clients, even if the order is lost. If require lose the order but not the client’s trust, 2. Believe in service more than sales, because the company that provides service, sells more, 3. Even if the client asks never offer a bribe. Don’t take such a order where clients asks for a bribe. 4. Don’t promise a delivery date that can’t be fulfilled. Whatever date will be promised, make the delivery on that date at whatever cost, 5. Be always available for the client; day or night 6. Less profit, ( 26,000 instead of 32,000 ) 7. Fellow feelings, 8. Honesty, 9. Dedication, 10. Team effort. Everybody is partners not employees. 11. Value partners before taking any strategic decision ( such as selling the company), 12. Core competencies are: Hands (labor), Brain (Idea), Clients ( Consumer’s trust) and people ( Partners), 13. Entrepreneurship attitude and leadership quality of Harprit Singh.

AYS’s core service values:

1. Bribe the clients to get order, 2. Never give your company’s identity, 3. Providing limited period of services not always, 4. Dedication to hierarchy ( not to the job), 5. Buy the competitor instead of compete, 6. Get the order anyhow even by ‘Over promise’, 7. Focusing on the product sales more than that of after sales services, 8. Individual target oriented effort instead of team effort , 9. “Growth will not cease, whether a person stays or leaves” – is the motivation of the head of the company, 10. Colleagues should get afraid of the manager, 11. Use promotion as a tool to allure the manager to get the job done by his sales force, 12. Focus on numbers ( Sales review projected graphs) not on people, 13. Make the target of sales force double by any chance/plea and they will have to fulfill as they need to keep their job,

Question No 2: Which one is better and why (to you) ?

Answer: To me Rocket’s sales corporation’s core service values are better than that of AYS’s one, because it has the ethical way of service marketing. In the field of service marketing so called professionalism by taking over competitors by money is now backdated rather dominating the market by reputation is the sustainable outlook. Moreover instead of ‘top down’ management system, ‘bottom up’ is more effective. To be more precise instead of maintaining hierarchy a horizontal colleagueship results more dedication and team effort which is the key to success in this corporate era.…...

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