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COM 11400 – 07 – Fundamentals of Speech Communication
July 6, 2015
Dr. Lynda Willer
Relationship Movie – Movie Guide

1) Relationship #1: George and Sam

It is to observe a few different defense mechanisms in the relationship between George and Sam, such as: avoidance, distancing, reaction formation. On the scene when George told to Sam about his problem with cancer, Sam shows a mixture between distancing and reaction formation. Distancing is evident because Sam goes to looking for Alyssa, and we can observe the reaction formation the moment that Sam cries with Alyssa, a clear signal that shows his real feelings about George's problem. Those reactions avoid a closer encounter between George and Sam at the first time, but I guess that were important to Sam to take his time in order to clarify his ideas and feelings about the bad news and the future of his relationship with George.

2) Relationship #2: George and Robin
George and Robin are divorced, at the beginning of the movie they had a distant relationship this situation change when George and Robin work together restoring the house. There are different deffense mechanisms in their relationship, such as: avoidance, sarcasm, formula communication. On the scene when George arrives to Robin's house looking for to Sam, the first conversation between George and Robin can be classified as a formula communication because they avoid a deep dialogue about Sam, and at the end of the whole scene when both are with Sam we can see a little sarcasm when Robin says that take to Sam such a good father. The deffense mechanisms present on the scene related, make the communication process very difficult because they can't express their real feelings and thoughts about Sam, they can't solve the deepest problems that are the cause for the weird behavior that Sam shows.

3) Relationship #3: Robin and Sam
The relationship between Robin and Sam is very difficult at the beginning of the movie, but evolves to a close relationship at the end of the movie. About this relationship, we can analyze the scene when Robin and George were knocking the house and Robin says to Sam that his brother has a game, this scene could shows us formula communication because Sam doesn't give an answer and distancing because Sam go away to avoid a deep conversation with Robin. The last is a completely different scene if we analyze the end of the movie when Sam and robin have a close and relaxed conversation.

In order to have a final analysis, the movie shows us that the deffense mechanisms can be demolished when the people talk in a free way, when the people express their feelings to others, the free communication between the humans is the way to achieve a better relationship with each other.…...

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