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The movie that I watched is called “Internship”, and it is movie that is inspiring and motivational. The story is about two people who lost their job because of the company is closing without any notification. And after losing their job, they find themselves into an internship program that is holding by Google. This movie is about what problem that might be occurs when working in a working environment, and what kind of people that will be dealing with, and how other people treat about you.
First thing first, at the beginning of their internship, they must be grouping up with some other people for completing the entire internship. At first, they got rejected by all the people because others think that they are too old for them and have no any knowledge about IT stuff. At the end, they group up with some people also left by other people.
One of the points of this movie is about team working. In a team not all the people are the same, each of them have their own specialty field, and combine together as a group, they can share their experience to each other and make the group become better and better. Like in the movie, two of them do not have any knowledge about the IT stuff, but they have good skills of sales, and have good learning and good understanding of the working environment.
The other point of this movie is about the leadership skills, no matter what you are working on, all needed is a good leader to leading their team members to complete and achieve the work. In the movie, they have a game called “quidditch”, at the beginning their team keep losing, because of each of them are doing their own stuff and playing solo instead of participate as a group, and basically their team is a real mess. And because of the optimism and cohesion from that two guy, they started to play the game as a team and gather the power of each other trying to win the game. And for…...

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