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Movie review “The Great Dictator”
“The Great Dictator” is a 1940 war comedy of when Hitler or (Adenoid Hynkel as played by Charles Chaplin) started World War 2 but with a funny,awkward,weird,and a dramatic twist. Which becomes very obvious right when the movie starts. The basic plot point to this movie would be Adenoid Hynkel Trying to build a new world all together while a hometown barber is trying to not be arrested by Hynkel’s militia. (who is also played by Charles Chaplin). This movie was not only acted in but written and directed by Charles Chaplin, but many more big faces in this movie like, Paulette Goddard who played a shy but very sweet women named Hannah, and Jack Oakie who played a bit of a bipolar character named Napaloni.

The mechanics of this movie were surprisingly well for how old it is. Lets just say with the technology the director had he used the most out of it to make this movie “great”. The acting in this movie could have been A LOT better but you sort of have to give the actors some leeway because this movie is such a high paced movie, there are no breaks in any scene. The music in this film had to be phenomenal because Charles Chaplin was always a silent actor in all his films until this one.Now then, the editing that happened in this movie, to me was absolutely horrible, after almost every scene it would hop to a completely different scene across the world that made no sense to the plot and was just there for a cheap way to stick a joke in. Speeking about the jokes in this movie, they are funny but it’s always interesting to watch an old comedy like this film and compare it to now and days comedy it’s crazy how much COMEDY(out of all things) can evolve just like anything else in this world.

Ok this movie to me is not good/could’ve been better. I ABSOLUTELY hate how LONG this film is there should be no movie this long just to make jokes on historical times, the only thing i would accept in that field is if it was a one time show that is 40 minutes. I also dont like how this movie was a constant comedy for an hour and 10 minuts than the last 15 it turns into some inspirational speech (that i happen to very much like. something else about that speech i liked is how it is 75 years later and it still relates to the “here and now”) but the thing i dislike about it is how they just edited it in there OUT OF NOWHERE.

In the long run i would recommend this movie to someone who wants to know about world war 2 in a very undermining and funny way. Good movie bad editing


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