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Internal and external factors
In this assignment I will discuss the internal and external factors to consider when planning human resource requirements. I will also discuss Luton sixth form and explain why human resource planning is important.
What are they?
Internal factors- These are factors that the HRM have control on and can be changed or adapted.
External factors – Whereas external factors are factors that cannot be controlled they are factors that are ‘outside’ the business/organisation.
Demand for new products and services:
Internal factors are usually factors that can potentially affect the college. These are factors that can be changed, for example the trend off students choosing a course in Luton sixth form changes every couple or few years this may change for many reasons but one of the main reasons why it may change is Luton sixth form not offering specific qualifications for jobs that are available and therefore the human resource management has too adapt too this, they may have to recruit qualified teachers to adapt to the course trend or they could possibly could train already existing teachers too be able to teach the course that is in trend. A real example of this has happened before too LSFC, when a couple of years back the course ‘travel and tourism’ that still exists today was very popular although today this has changed dramatically, a fall in ‘travel and tourism’ has lowered due to the limited job available with the course, because of this more students have chosen other courses such as ‘Business & IT.’ The impact on HRM means that they would have to train existing employees to adapt to the trending subjects or recruit new teachers; the downside to this is that more teachers will have to be paid. Also many teachers may face redundancy and have limited hours as they would have liked.
Maternity leave:
Other internal…...

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