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Summary 2 1.0 Introduction 2 2.0 Definition of Motivation 2 3.0 theories of motivation 3 3.1 Hertzberg’s two (2) factor theory 3 3.2 McGregor’s X and Y theory 3 3.3 Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs 3 3.4 McClelland’s Human Motivation theory 4 4.0 Failure of employee motivation programs 4 4.1 Empirical Study 1 4 4.2 Empirical study 2 5 5.0 Improving employee motivation 6 5.1 Applying McGregor’s X and Y theory 6 5.2 Applying McClelland’s Acquire needs theory 6 5.3 Applying Hertzberg’s two factor theory 6 5.4 Applying Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs theory 7 6.0 Conclusion 7 7.0 References 8 8.0 Appendices 9 Source: Maslow’s Love and Belonging Needs 10

* Summary
The purpose of this documentation is to highlight the different factors that influence employee motivation. Different type of people a motivated by different factors, some are intrinsically (non-materialistic) motivated while others are motivated extrinsically (materialistic). This document also provides an analysis of two (2) empirical studies relating to the reasons of failure in the employee motivation program. There are various ways to improve motivation amongst employees, as this will be presented within this documentation. * 1.0 Introduction
Employee motivation continue to be an imperative issue for leaders and mangers. Unmotivated employees are inclined to devote minimal or no effort in their jobs, produce low quality work, exit the company if given the opportunity and stay clear of the workplace as much as possible. On the contrary, employees who appear to be motived to work will tend to be persistent, turning out high-quality work that they willingly undertake, creative and productive. There has certainly been a number of researches executed on motivation by numerous scholars, nonetheless, the behavior of groups of people to try determine and…...

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