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“Saving Mr. Ugwu” is a novel written by Lin Anderson in 2012. Lin Anderson is a crime novelist and screenwriter and is of Scottish origins. The novel takes place in the African country, Nigeria, and is about Mr. Ugwu and his life.
Mr. Ugwu is a workingman, who lives with his family. Because of his job, he is been forced to move from their nice neighborhood and surroundings in Lagos into the wilderness in the African bushes. His wife does not like living in the bushes and Mr. Ugwu quickly realizes that it is not fair to bring his family out into this uncivilized way of living, but Mr. Ugwu keeps reminding himself that his company has been very good to him, so he does not feel like he is in the position to argue and he therefore stays with his family in the bushes. Mr. Ugwu seems like a man who is always conscientious towards his job, and one day, he gets the task to hand out the paychecks to the rest of the black employers. Since the white men does not think that the black workers did their job well enough, they give them a much smaller amount of money than usual, which results in the employers being very unsatisfied and upset with Mr. Ugwu. They end up going to Mr. Ugwu’s house to protest, because it was him, who handed out the envelopes. At last, the protest stops and Mr. Ugwu and his family moves back to Lagos.
Mr. Ugwu was born in Lagos and is an Igbo (a tripe in Nigeria). He is the main character in the story and has a wife and very gifted children, who has a great future ahead of them. He seems like a man, who is working hard for his money, but also a man, who is privileged in many ways. He has a home, a family and a rather good job, compared to the other black people. In addition to that, he has a gardener, who takes care of his wife’s garden, and a houseboy which both show signs of prosperity. Even though he is this privileged, he still works for…...

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