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5 persons whom I love so much i. My mother: I love my mother so much because I think without her it is just impossible for me to survive in this world. She always supports me in every sphere of my life. Besides she is responsible in her works and always maintains our family. I always share all of my feelings with her. That’s why she is one of my lovable persons in this world. ii. My father: I also love my father as well. He is not only friendly with me but also he always try to learn me something new. His personality is so much praise worthy and he is successful in his position. He is my idol and I will always try to be like him. Sometimes he was strongly behaved with me but that was only for my well-beings. So, he is one of my lovable persons in this world.

iii. My sister: My sister is four years older than me but no doubt is that I am so much frankly and friendly with her. Science my childhood I always share all of my personal matters with her and she always help me to sort out the problems. I always love her activities and many things I learnt from her. She always motivates me positively and I really love my sister very much. iv. Tanvir: One of my best friends is Tanvir. He is not only my friend but also my brother. Every little thing I shared with him and he also shared his feelings. Our friendship is about three years and we know that we can’t pass a single day without each other. I love him so much and hope that our friendship will remain till our death.

v. Sagar: My best friend is Sagar. Actually our friendship is about 15 years and till we are best friend. He always tries to sacrifice many things for me and without him it is impossible for me to survive. He is a very soft and kind hearted person. I love him very much.

5 persons whom I hate/dislike so much…...

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