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Multicultural Work Force

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Segment Description Organic produce As stated on the target market segment, Cityfamers will focus on two different market segments which are single individuals and families of 2 or more. These segments reside and work in the Lower Mainland who provides most of British Columbia’s total populations. Specifically individuals and families who live and work in Vancouver, New Westminster, North Vancouver, West Vancouver and Burnaby. These places in the Lower Mainland are very near to our store locations. Buying organic produce for instance can be more expensive than buying traditionally grown produce. Those who are middle-higher income earners with a family of 2 or more earning an estimate of $65,000 and above per annum as well as single individuals who are earning an average of $35,000 and above annually are more likely to buy organics. According to statistical data, there is a growing demand in organics. Individuals between 25-35 years of age who are single, successful and health conscious are more likely to consider organics as an alternative to their lifestyle. These target segments are probably in the early stage of their professions or mid and peak of their career. According to studies women make up of 80% in purchasing decisions. We are considering families especially mother’s whose main priority is to provide her family with healthy and nutritious foods as one of our major customers. Since, organic produce are definitely higher in price than traditional grown produce we expect that majority of our customers have at least completed post-secondary or college education. On the other hand, most of our customers are individuals who see organics produce as an investment in their health and the health of the planet. They are strongly community focused and support different campaigns such as: giving jobs to locals, patronizing locally made and grown Canadian produce…...

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