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For the mutual fund you will need to tell us which fund you researched - there are a number of funds within each fund family - its symbol, its current price, the fees, what is the history, what type of fund, and what you like or don't like about it.
There are a number of fund families such as Vanguard, American Funds, Franklin Templeton, Invesco, Legg Mason, and others. Dig deep and be complete.
American Funds Capital World Growth/Income
Symbol- RWIFX Class R-5
Current price- $36.29
52 week range - $30.82-36.90
Expenses – 0.5% Management fees 0.38% Other expenses – 0.12%
Type of Fund: open-ended fund.
Class R shares are generally available only to retirement plans. Class R-5 are generally available only to fee-based programs or through retirement plan intermediaries. No dealer compensation is paid from fund assets on sales of Class R-5 or R-6 shares.
I like that the expenses are low. It is a lower risk fund. Although it is a growth fund, it doesn’t seem to fluctuate that much.

American Funds Capital World G/I R5 (RWIFX)
36.29 0.08(0.22%) Nov 27
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Risk as of Oct 30, 2012 Get Risk for:

Risk Overview
Morningstar Risk Rating: 3
Number of Years Up 7
Number of Years Down 2
Best 1 Yr Total Return(Dec 30, 2003): 39.47%
Worst 1 Yr Total Return(Dec 30, 2008): -38.21%

Risk (Modern Portfolio Theory) Statistics
3 Years
Statistic RWIFX Category
Alpha (against Standard Index) 4.13 5.19
Beta (against Standard Index) 0.87 0.85
Mean Annual Return 0.68 0.76
R-squared (against Standard Index) 95.16 86.55
Standard Deviation 17.40 17.88
Sharpe Ratio 0.47 0.53
Treynor Ratio 7.89 10.04

5 Years
Statistic RWIFX Category
Alpha (against Standard Index) 2.91 2.36
Beta (against Standard Index) 0.87 0.89
Mean Annual Return 0.02 -0.03
R-squared (against Standard Index) 96.30 89.30
Standard Deviation 20.80 22.04…...

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