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My Collage Days

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Do you agree or disagree with this statement. Give reason to support your opinion:
" The college years are the best time in a persons' life"
To some people, retirement years are the best time in their lives. People needn't work hard 8 hours a day, go around the office all day long but still having enough money to enjoy fulfill their lives. However, others object that college years bring to individuals the experiences and worth remembered memory. From my point of view, my college time is the most excited and wonderful years in my life.
A convincing reason for this idea is that college time is the base for us to have a better life. It is reported from the Edu magazine is 65% people agreed that college is the best environment to develop one's aptitude and knowledge for our future job. Subjects are required in the curriculum give us chances to get useful skills, also improve higher ability to add to our real life situations.
Another reason is that college years are the best time for people to establish the relationships with others. In that time, people tend to make friends, broaden relationships to intergrade the complex and huge environment like a college. What's more, the activities which are hold in college frequently attract most of students. Joining these events is a means not only develop our talents but also widen contact with other people.
It may be argued that the retirement years are the best time in one's life, because people are not under the stressful life anymore. However, it is assured that no one want to miss the terrific affairs in college years that have been a wonderful memory to many people even in a long time later.
To summarize, college time is the period that forms and promotes people's attitude and qualification for our future's lives. Despites the freeness and comfort of the retirement years, college time is still the most remembered and delighting in one's live.

The university is the entrance to one's future. It is the place where people can turn their dreams in to reality and the conditions in the college are generally set so that they are conducive to help everyone succeed. If a person is able to perform well in college, then he or she is most likely to succeed in his or her future. So, success in college almost assures once success in his or her future. This is the last stage before one gets into job and so is the best time to enjoy in these days, people will not have much stress on them. In my opinion, I completely agree that the college years are the best time in person's life.

Firstly, this is the first time when people get their freedom after high school which makes the college really excited for the people. As the university is the microcosm of the society,the people who are studying in college will learn to live in the society in these years. In addition,it is total different experience where people living in dorms keep their doors open all the time and watch movies up till 2 am in their rooms. Consequently,all of these things make the college years totally different.

Secondly, at this time they will have their choice to pick up their major and they will not study anymore those subjects which they hate. Besides this,most of the students will try to explore all the subjects and decide their major when they are about to enter their junior year. If you are studying in a diverse country like united states,you will be meeting all the people from different parts of the world and you can also learn about different cultures which can be exciting for some people.

Thirdly, these days are the least stressful when compared with other times. They wont have any stress on them to take care of their spouse or family and hence they really concentrate on their education and can also enjoy on weekends.

On the other hand, if the person taking advantage of his freedom and becomes a alcoholic addict or starts smoking, these years may turn out the worst as these habits sometimes have profound consequences on their future. While, if the person tries to take advantage of all the possibilities in their university, these years remain fruitful to them all over their life.…...

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