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Professor Stacy Steinberg
April 24, 2012
Obesity in America
Since I came to the United Stated, everywhere I go I see people who are so obese that they can hardly walk. The first time, it was very strange for me simply because I never saw that kind of obesity before in my country. I wondered how someone could let himself become a part of this situation, which makes me ask this question, “Why are people more obese in the United Stated than other countries?” Finally I found that we have many ways to prevent obesity but education is the best way to prevent obesity I America such as schools provide healthy food, physical education and empower parents caregivers with simpler.
First of all, providing healthy food in schools is the best way to change their eating habits the hope that the younger generations of children will start a healthier America. A major part of a child’s is spent at school. While the main focus should be on education, administrator should ensure that there is a healthy food selection for children. For instance, in the most schools, there are vending machines which consist of very unhealthy foods such as soda, chocolates, and chips. In the cafeterias, the menu includes French fries and burgers. With this kind of selection, it is very difficult for a child to eat healthy. Therefore, schools should offer more beneficial foods such as salads, sandwiches to cater to the health of the students. By having healthy choice of foods in schools is not only makes these foods more accessible, but also affordable. Schools are required to set their prices low enough so children can afford them. Low price health foods that are easy to attain make it an easy choice buy healthy foods. This process help reduce the effects of fatting foods creating obesity. Also according to Mrs. Obama launches the Let’s Move, it said, “Upgrading the nutritional…...

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