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Past successes:
I recently partook in 2 music examination session, both practical and theory exams. Having never written any form of music exam, it makes me proud that I managed to pass my first music exams with a distinction. These passes make me qualified to join the KZN Youth Orchestra, which is a standard I set for myself to achieve before reaching the end of high school. I have also been selected to lead my fellow school mates, in the position of a prefect and SRC member for the past 4 years, and hopefully will be able to keep that record for the entirety of my high school career. In school, I have set goals for myself, and the greatest of these goals was to gain entrance to the Carpe Diem society, a group that excels in academic performance. I failed to reach said standards in grades 8 and 9; however I have since been a member of the Carpe Diem society from the start of grade 10 to date, which is a great achievement for me. Aside from mental and academic performance, I also set a goal for my athletic performance. I set my sights on gaining a podium position; this has granted me the opportunity to represent my school at the KICCSSA; an athletics meeting of IEB schools from around the province. In my church, I have manage to integrate the use of technology in the running of kids ministry, as well as integrate the use of technology in youth and have been an active member in the AV as well as music team in the adult’s church. I have learnt a lot in my experiences in the church, and will carry these into my career and nurture said skills.
Core values: 1. I believe in striving to maintain a healthy balance in my school and personal life 2. I believe that family is of great importance, and thus will treat them in said important manner 3. I believe that trust is to be earned, respect given, yet if lost must also be earned 4. I believe and…...

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