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Lajada Barber
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21 September 2015

My Reaction to the Movie Precious The reality of some of the things that happen in this world and what people that get away with is unbearable and disgusting. The movie Precious is based on a true story and the fact that people would let their own daughter go through things like that and just allow it happen is just messed up on so many levels. The main character Clareece Jones known as “Precious,” was abused physically, mentally, and emotionally and many people knew that those things were going on in her life but nobody did anything about it, she had to face all her problems alone. She went home every day practically being a slave to her mother, doing everything for her, and when she didn’t the things the way her mother would want it done then she would be beaten, have things thrown at her and even forced to eat, and was even used for sex for her father. In many ways 16 year old Precious was abused and it took for her second child to be in danger for someone to help her. Precious was raped by her own father and was impregnated with two of his children, which one was diagnosed with Down’s Syndrome. Most people would not know what to say or even know how it feels to be in that predicament but I do; scared to come home because you don’t know whether or not he’s there waiting on you, feeling dirty every time he touches you or looks at you, wondering why it had to be you going through that situation, wondering why he does not love you the way a father should, he is supposed to be your protector but yet he is the one causing you harm and going through it all you still praying that somebody would come save you from the life your living, just wanting to be love the right way. During the movie, Mary, Precious mother is mad because Precious father has left her and she feels that Precious caused it by…...

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