My Way to a Better Life

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My Way to a Better Life
Tish Hessig
Skills for Professional Development
Elaine Shilling, Ph.D.
March 12, 2005

My Way to a Better Life How many of us settle for the easy way out? This is a question that I have been asking myself for many years now with regard to my career. Over the last year I have been thinking about my life a lot; where I am, where I have been and where I am going. I have discovered that I settled for my current career as an administrative assistant because it was the easiest decision for me. I am realizing now that being back in school will change my life. I am completing the work necessary to earn my Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management and I still need to learn what I will gain with my college education. How will my life and my daughter’s life change and how will my professional career change once I have earned my college degree? In my present career, a college education will allow me many advantages such as increased earnings, an improved quality of life, more challenging positions to learn and grow, an opportunity to be a member of the management team, and I will be able to mentor others on the importance of a college education. Twenty years ago when I was finishing high school, the only requirement to getting a job was a high school diploma. Today in order to get that same job, we are required to have a college degree. Even though it was not necessary for me to have a college education, I enrolled in the local community college in the fall of 1984. My goal at that time was to earn my Associate’s Degree in Accounting and continue on to a Bachelor’s degree. After one-year in college, I took my summer break just like I had done every year that I’d been in school. My part-time job became full-time because I wanted to earn extra money and I had the free-time. My high school friends came home from…...

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