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Research Essay Proposal Option I chose for my topic (1) Problem Solving __ ;(2) Something that has always puzzled, intrigued, or disturbed you __;
(3) An issue from The Norton Reader assignments __; (4) Non-assigned reading from The Norton Reader__; (5) Researching one poem from Great Short Poems, edited by Paul Negri
(6) One of the books listed x__ The Girl With The Pearl Earring- Tracy Chevalier Proposed topic: a group of words, not a sentence

social class difference= alienation = tension, drama, secrecy, inspiration.

Statement of preliminary thesis: In one sentence state what your preliminary position on this topic, your position at this point, is now. Remember, the research essay is an argument. You need to prove your position. A strong question may serve as an effective thesis. Griet faces inner conflict between her responsibilities and desires as Johannes Vermeer finds inspiration within her peasant background and begins the task of painting her. State two possible positions on this topic different than your position as stated in the thesis above. (Frequently reading these alternate—not opposite—positions can help you build a stronger core thesis.)

Vermeer’s fascination with Griet is so immense that he risks bringing on a societal scandal by painting her.

2. Griet’s alienation is augmented in the home of her employers once Vermeer begins to use her for his work.

Have you written a paper about this topic before in another Hunter course you took? No.
Are you writing about or researching this topic in another Hunter course this semester? No.…...

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