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12 Step Meeting: Nar-Anon
The meeting I chose to attend was the Nar-Anon. I chose this meeting because I can somewhat relate to what most of these people are going through. The members consisted of parents, a few children, and significant others of the substance abusers. Most of the parents had young teenage substance abusers although there were a few parents with older children in their late twenties or thirties. When the parents spoke, I felt bad for them. They really wanted to do something to help, but nothing seemed to work. All I could think of was my son. Imaging what I would do if he became addicted to and drugs or alcohol. Then the children spoke of their parents being addicted to drugs and how it affected them. I could hear and see the hurt thinking of when I was in both situations. My partner and I smoked marijuana for a several years. I never thought it was an issue and never really thought it affected anyone. I still functioned as normal and didn’t let it interfere with my everyday life. I didn’t feel the need to stop because I didn’t look at it as a drug. It wasn’t until I quit that I noticed the affect it had when dealing with my partner.
The funny thing is at the meeting I still thought to myself that the marijuana was minor compared to the substances the members of this group spoke about. Not one person complained about their partner or relative having issues with marijuana use. They spoke about much harsher substances like cocaine, heroin, meth or MDMH; and some prescription medications like oxycontin, vicodin, and Demerol. It didn’t matter the drug, most of their stories were similar. They had a loved one who is or was addicted. They wished there was some magic way to get them off the drug. They tried to rehab, group meetings, therapy and even disengagement, but nothing worked. Parents with addicted children thought they were helping by…...

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