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Nathan Hill
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The Impact on my Life Through all my experiences, whether it be a traumatic one, or even a great one. All have made me into the person I am today. On a Tuesday morning in December of 2004, had been the start of me changing my life. Before this tragic event, I didn’t really respect or “behave” as well as I should have. But since that day, I always respect my elders and peers, no matter what.
I had begun the day with a hardy breakfast prepared by my sister, whom was also babysitting my older brother Matt and me. Couple of hours go by, My brother and I are jumping on my parents bed, waiting for lunch to be done. And keep in mind I’m 4, so I’m pretty antsy when I’m hungry. But also my parents had candles lit on their dressers next to where my brother and I were jumping. Next thing you know we keep jumping closer and closer to this candle, and my brothers all cotton clothes catch fire. All of a sudden my brother starts screaming because he’s on fire. And I do the same but I shout like never before to my sister, who came sprinting up the stairs and got my brother in a tub filled with cold water. Then I’m told to call 911 and get them here. I do as asked, and they showed up within in minutes.\ Since that day, not only have I strived to do best in life and be a good person, but my sister has too. Because in a blink of an eye, you or a loved one can be gone forever. The event caused such an outbreak, or like a slap in the face to me at 4 years of age that I need to try do everything with a stellar performance, and without that tragic event I would be a totally different person…...

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