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NHS essay
There are many ways one can do to contribute to the society. Some use their intelligence to further advance society; others may volunteer their time to help. These steps all take part in making the world a better place, however there aren’t many people who possess these qualities, but I believe that I do. I think that I deserve this honor and this chance to become a part of the National Honors Society because I have worked very hard to get there. Over the past years as a student, I believed that I have demonstrated leadership and character. I will use the skills I gain from my education to help those in need. Through this paper I will prove that I am qualified for a program as prestigious as the National Honors Society
I can consider myself as a role model for students at my school because since the beginning of the year until now, I have excellent grades and have been involved in many school activities. Not only do I work very hard to achieve my goals and challenge myself, but I learn to maintain a positive attitude even after my failures. My G.P.A has never gone below a 3.7. I have also received the Honor Roll every year since middle school. One of the best ways I love to express myself through creating and accomplishing challenges and showing honesty towards my family, teachers, and peers. I feel accomplish when I help others solve problems. Part of my requirements is to use my skills to help people that need it. I would like for everyone to receive an inspiring reward while gaining the respect of others. By participating in service activities involved in school, I can help to improve my school in many ways. Volunteering my time to tutor and encourage students can improve the school’s atmosphere where students are more competitive and inspired to try their best. Most teenagers find it more comfortable to talk with peers then to talk with a teacher about problems they are having in class. As a tutor, I can help students on their homework or other problems they are having with their school work. This will improve student’s grades and test results which lead to the school having a better reputation.
To be selected as a nominee into a program of such excellence is not only an honor but a privilege. The best advantage in becoming a member of the NHS, in my opinion, is the recognition received for the hard work that I have contributed. I can become a part of a group, not just any group, but a group consists of outstanding students. From there I wish to meet and learn new ideas from other student, including sharing my experiences. I hope that being a member of the National Honors Society will help me develop more ability in leading others when called to and develop more character in the life as the future waits. Due to my abilities and hard work, I can be considered a valuable candidate because I demonstrated the qualities needed to become a part of the National Honors Society. Even though I haven’t done enough community services, I feel that being in the National Honors Society will be a great start for me to help and give a hand to others. I am looking forward to learning new ideas and having great experience if I was able to get accepted in to the National Honors Society.…...

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