Nationalsim and Liberlaism

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To what extent is Nationalism Compatible with Liberalism?
It can be said that Nationalism and Liberalism are compatible and this is true as there is the existence of liberal nationalism however they aren’t compatible to the extent that they are the same as Nationalism has many different branches such as conservative nationalism. However Nationalism is more compatible with Liberalism than with other ideologies.
One way that it is compatible is through the Liberal Nationalism, it is the oldest form of Nationalism as it dates back to the French Revolution. Liberalism was founded on a defence of individual freedom, traditionally expressed in the language of rights. Nationalists believed nations to be sovereign entities, entitled to liberty, and also possessing rights most importantly the right of self-determination. Liberal nationalism is therefore a liberating force in two senses, first it opposes all forms of foreign domination and oppression. Secondly it stands for the ideal of self-government, Woodrow Wilson for example argued in favour of a Europe not only of nation states, but also one in which political democracy rather than autocracy ruled.
Another way that the two are compatible is that they are both forward looking ideologies, when it comes to race liberal Nationalist believe that everyone is equal, which is the same as Liberals who believe that everyone is equal.
Internationally Liberal nationalists agree with worldwide organisations such as the EU, as this promotes free trade and creates peace. This is why in recent years the Lib Dems have favoured remaining part of the EU, where the Conservatives want to get out of it.
However there is argument to say that Nationalism is not compatible with Liberalism and that is through the existence of other branches of Nationalism most notably Conservative nationalists. One way in which some nationalist are more…...

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