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Negative Impacts of Using New Technlogy on Small Children

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The negative impact of overused the tablets on children
Purpose Statement
The study aims to discover the physical and mental negative impacts of overusing laptop tablet on children. The paper also discusses the solutions and recommendations to the stated problem
Rationale of the study
Tablets have positive, as well as negative impacts and, therefore, there is a need to understand the negative impacts to mitigate them.
Technology needs to be relied in moderation.
With presences of current technology, there is a need to take care of children’s physical, as well as growth.
This study will use quantitative method, questionnaire to collect the data. In this regard, structured questionnaires will be distributed to parent who have children aged between 2 years and 9 years of the study. The information collected will then be analyzed using quantitatively to find out the view of the parents regarding to over use of tablets and smartphones.
Study group
The target group for the study is the parents. In this regard, structured questionnaire will be distributed to parents who have children aged between 2 years and 9 years. For instance, I will distribute questionnaires to my sisters who are now parents and their children use tablets. I will also distribute the questionnaires to my friends and classmate, and professor as we have agreed with them.
Expected goals and outcome
The expected outcomes in this study are
• How to monitor and control children using tablets. This involves finding tools necessary to monitor children and control children.
• Another outcome is that parents should have the ability to control time they give their children tablet. For instance, parents will know the best time to give their children tablets and smartphones without hurting them mentally or physically.
• Parents will also know the negative impacts of overusing tablets and smartphones on their children and avoids them. This will ensure that parents no longer distract their children so that they can relax. However, they will involve their children in their conversations so that they can gain social skills.
• Parents will also understand the benefits that children gain when they are allowed to socializes instead of been distracted using tablets and smartphones.
Children spending a lot of time on tablets are not as social as those who spent a little time on tablets.
• How does tablet affect children physically and mentally?
• How to monitor and control children usage of tablets without preventing them from using them?
• What are the recommendations of the study?
How does tablet affect children physically and mentally?
A number studies shows that the use of tablets among children has negative effects on physical and mental growth. Small and Vorgan (2008) indicate that the brain is highly sensitive to stimuli such as iPhads and smartphone screens. The article indicates that when people spend much time on screens and minimal time interacting, they can hinder the development of certain communications and social skills. A Cohort Study found that children who used much of their in TV and mobile phones have high chances of conduct problems. They also have emotional problems and relationship problems. While parent are likely to see the advantages than disadvantages of the use of tablets in education having benefits, it is not the same when it comes to physical and social impacts. According to study by Plowman, Stephen and McPake (2010, p. 23), more than 50 percent parents believe that new technologies have negative effects on students’ social and physical skills.
How to monitor and control children usage of tablets without preventing them from using them
Clark (2012) article shows that there is an array of tools that parents can use to control the use of tablets and mobile devices among children without preventing them to use. In addition, as a result of children being much glued to smartphones, technology allows parents to know the physical location of their children and also their driving speeds (Phonesheriff 2014). The author indicates that surveillance is the best way to handle the contemporary problem associated with smartphones and tablets. These surveillance apps include those that alerts if children is texting while driving; those that keep tabs for everything posted on the internet, and those that scans websites for new social websites that parents do not know (Phonesheriff 2014).
Recommendations on children protection of using tablets
Different authors have discussed different recommendations on ways in which parent can ensure safe use of tablets. Phonesheriff (2014) article indicates parent should know the content, context. In regard to the content, the author recommends that parents should know the programs the children are using. Parent should also establish boundaries on time the children should spend their time with Tablet (Twining et al. 2005, p. 45).…...

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