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Management Development Institute (MDi) 10 Hill Road F-6/3
Mr. Sardar Abdul Rahim
Director of BBQ Tonight
Sohrab Plaza Fazl-e-Haq Road

Dear Mr. Rahim
I am writing to you a report about the bad customer service experience I had at your esteemed restaurant during my recent visit. The report is entitled “Conclusion and Reflection of Negative Service Encounter” The report provides a brief explanation of the service delivery system of BBQ Tonight and the negative service encounter. The content of the report specifically concentrates on the analysis of customer’s expectations and perceptions regarding service offerings of BBQ Tonight. At the end we have suggested recommendations on how BBQ Tonight can improve their customer services to avoid the further occurrence of such incidents.
After carefully investigation, we have come to know that the lack of quality maintenance by kitchen staff resulted in serving un-hygienic dish from which an insect was found and put a question on performance of the quality control management team. In reading this report, you will gain valuable insight regarding measuring customer’s expectations and perceptions using various service models like Expectancy disconfirmation model, SERQUAL Model to identify the possible service gaps which led to a bad customer experience.
I hope that the recommendations in this report will provide you with a beneficial strategy by which BBQ Tonight will get a competitive advantage and will leap far ahead in the restaurant industry.
I hope that my bad experience will turn out to be a learning opportunity for the management team of the restaurant. I truly believe that this report will prove to be an invaluable asset for BBQ Tonight in…...

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