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Alkyd paint and paint driers.†
1.1 Introduction
1.1.1 A brief history of paints and coatings[1-4] Paints and coatings occupy a prominent place in the cultural history of mankind. People have always been fascinated with colors and used paints to decorate and beautify themselves and their environment. Archaeologists found pigments and paint grinding equipment in Zambia (Southern Africa), thought to be between 350,000 and 400,000 years old. The oldest testimony of artistic activity was found in the south of France where some 30,000 years ago our prehistoric ancestors decorated the walls of their cave dwellings with stunning animal drawings. The ancient paints consisted of animal fat and colored earth or natural pigments such as ochre. Hence, they were based on the same principle as the paints that are used today - a binder and a coloring agent. Around 3000 BC, Egyptians began using varnishes and enamels made of beeswax, gelatin and clay – and later protective coatings of pitch and balsam to waterproof their wooden boats. About 1000 BC, the Egyptians created varnishes from Arabic gum. Independently, the ancient Asian cultures developed lacquers and varnishes and by the 2nd century BC, these were being used as coverings on a variety of buildings, artwork and furnishings in China, Japan and Korea. The ancient Chinese knew how to make black lacquer (the true predecessor of modern coatings) from the sap of the lacquer tree Rhus Vernicifera. In India, the secrete of the lac insect Coccus lacca was used to produce a clear coat to beautify and protect wooden surfaces and objects. The early Greeks and Romans also relied on paints and varnishes, adding colors to these coatings and applying them on homes, ships, and artwork. It was not until the industrial revolution and ensuing mass production of linseed oil, however, that the production of modern house-paints began. Over the…...

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