New Insurance Degree at Kent State University

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Carol R. Blaine
Kent State University

Mission / Purpose

The Salem Campus of Kent State University recognizes the dignity and worth of all human beings, believes post-secondary education should be available to all who can benefit from it, and accepts responsibility for offering educational programs and supportive services responsive to the needs of its community. Consistent with this responsibility, the mission of the Insurance Studies degree program is to prepare individuals for productive and progressively successful employment in the insurance industry, one of the Ohio's top employers at nearly 200,000 jobs statewide.
Goals and Student Learning Outcomes/Objectives, with Any Associations and Related Measures, Targets, Findings, and Action Plans

G 1:Prepare Individuals for Career Success in Insurance Industry
Prepare traditional and non-traditional students to enter the insurance business world with:

• the knowledge and understanding gained through a broad-based liberal arts education, • the specific knowledge and skill sets associated with a thorough understanding of risk management and insurance, and • true respect for the role these disciplines play within our economic system.

SLO 1:Achieve Liberal Arts, Risk Management and Insurance Comprehension
Both in terms of liberal arts competencies, such as writing, mathematics, science, and communication, and business-specific knowledge, such as management, finance and operations, ensure program graduates can demonstrate in-depth comprehension of, and exhibit their ability to successfully apply that comprehension to, risk management in general and to both personal and commercial insurance disciplines specifically. These disciplines include, but are not limited to, underwriting, rate making, compliance, claims, marketing and distribution. Achieve this outcome in part by offering the…...

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